Austria is a well-developed country. The transport system plays a vital role in the success of a country. Austria has an amazing organization of streets and driving without anyone else is protected. Vehicles must be driven with lights on consistently. Safety belts must be worn and youngsters younger than 12 and under 150cm (4ft 11in) tall may not demonstrate the front seat except if an uncommon kid's seat has been fitted. All vehicles must have a medical aid pack and an admonition triangle.

All drivers should likewise convey high-permeability petticoats and wear them at whatever point outside their vehicle on an Austrian street. Both the driver and traveler on a bike must wear head protectors.


First, you choose the driving school. There are plenty of them in Austria, and it is not necessary to visit the one that is in the place of registration. When the driving school is chosen, the candidate for a driver writes an application. Data, included in it, is entered into the special register of driving licenses.

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An exception to the rule is the special L17 training program offered by almost all Austrian driving schools. It allows you to obtain a driving license in Austria at the age of 17. For such categories as A and F, the minimum age is 24.


All street signs are in German. To drive on interstates, it is obligatory to stick a street charge circle on the windscreen that you can If you are really interested to drive on the beautiful roads of Austria so one thing is missing which is a driving license.

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Buy Austria drivers license online.If you already have a driving license, but it was not obtained in the European Union country, then you can use it on Austrian roads But only within six months. After that, you will have to follow the procedure for obtaining a driver’s license (already Austrian) again. Algorithm for obtaining a driving license in Austria